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Archive Storage - Deep Storage Option

The Deep Storage Option was created for companies of a large size who wish to have the option to store files for a long period which will very rarely be required and wish to obtain the best possible storage price.

1) We have introduced this year our Deep Storage Option. This option allows customers to have the choice of retrievable and non retrievable files offering a lower storage priced option. For non retrievable files/boxes which by law have to be kept.
2) Deep storage is a 4-year minimum term.
3) Retrievals can be made if necessary but this would be expensive. A fee of £ 150.00+VAT will be charged due to having to lift the unit to the ground and recover the file/box (includes delivery to your local office).
4) You can also choose both deep storage and normal retrievable storage some boxes under one system and some boxes under the other.
5) Free collection of full boxes.
6) Boxes will still be bar-coded on entry to our archive centre.

Archive Storage
Archive Storage
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