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Archive Storage - Gold option

The gold option was created for companies of a certain size who wish to have the ability when opening a new file or customer to then track the file throughout it’s history with the company. The system can be used by each Partner/PA or the company's centralised archivist.

The reason for tracking a file may be different from company to company. Compliance, retrieval or just knowing which partner has the file, but in all cases it has to be an automatic system. The old way of notating the file number or name in a book is just to cumbersome and time consuming.

A quite important point with a management system - at any time a partner can see how many boxes are in store and the system has the capability of recording the destruction dates. Each year it can give a list of boxes which should be shredded (once authorised by the company).

The system also has the capability of recording, name, full address, file number and a number of other details which you may wish to record. It can also sort by any of the headings. After our initial meeting to discuss headings that you wish to see on the system the screen will then be customised to only show the agreed headings. This saves confusion to operating staff and makes the system more familiar.

Included in the storage rate

1) One on line bar-code management system, set up in the customers office, which will include:-

A) Our technical Staff supplying your username & password.
B) We will supply a bar-code reader.
C) Our trained technical staff will give half a days training on your premises (subject to the amount of staff to be trained this can be increased).
D) We will supply a help line number for questions/queries.

This will allow the customer to place bar-code labels on files and boxes and enter them on the system via the scanner and update details on the screen against the file bar-code.
The system will keep track of all the files and boxes whilst in store/at customers premises and will also allow the customer to order files for retrieval automatically via the system on line this will also make you Regulatory Compliant. ( subject to premises survey, customer to supply P.C. and internet connection ) ( stationery not included )

2) Free collection of full archive boxes.
3) Storage of full archive boxes.
4) No Increase in the storage rate for the length of the Agreed storage term.
5) No Retrieval costs only delivery costs.
6) No handling charges for files/boxes in or out.
7) No permanent retrieval costs.

Archive Storage
Archive Storage
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